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Lesson of the Week


A vulture and sunbird flying together, looking down at the same landscape, will have a different attitude and a different focus. Vulture people can only see the negative, dark side of life. Sunbird people focus on the positive, bright, flower side of life. Vulture can't stop being vultures, but you have the choice to behave like a vulture or a synbird. You are responsible for your own attitude and therefore the state of your life. Attitude creates your reality and the state of your mind!

Your focus in life is where you will spend most of your energy. Are you a vulture or are you a sunbird?



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Brainwave is an educational company who believes that every person has unique potential and value and that there is a place for every person in the world.

We consider it our purpose to help learners to discover their careers and utilize their potential and find their rightful place in the world.


"Every morning as the sun rises over the African plain, an impala awakens and so does a lion. If the impala does not outrun the lion, it will die and if the lion does not overtake the impala, it will starve. So, whether you're hunting or being hunted, when the sun rises over the African plain, you had better be running, because... in Africa, the moment you lose your edge, you lose your head!"     David Molapo


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