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Brainwave Careers is dedicated to being one of the leading educational companies in RSA. We believe that every individual has unique potential, value and purpose on earth. We, therefore, advise, educate and motivate both teachers and learners through remedial programmes, training, workshops and courses as well as psychometric evaluations and lifelong educational services. These services assist them in reaching their full potential and rightful place in the world of work. We aim to build educational bridges across all South African cultures and leave a legacy that will make a positive difference in the educational sector of South Africa.


Improving the quality of education in our sponsored ECD, primary and high schools.


Empowering, educating and motivating our principals, teachers and learners through our unique SACE endorsed product and service offerings.


Be COVID-19 ready, be school ready!

Help us at Brainwave to support local South African businesses through sponsoring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packs to schools in need.  Purchasing your PPE school pack through us will ensure that:

  • Supported schools receive top quality PPE equipment.
  • You can assist in implementing a precautionary safety strategy in a quick turnaround time (no need to wait for imports).
  • You support South African small businesses.

Sponsor a school of 1000 learners for R227 950 to receive a PPE school pack that consists of:

  • A re-usable face mask for each learner and teacher (R35. x 1050 = R36,750).
  • Bucket hat shield for each learner (R90 x 1000 = R90 000).
  • Face shield for each teacher (R40 x 50 = R2000).
  • 25 litre hand sanitiser for each classroom (R1600 x 40 = R64 000)
  • Anti-bacterial spray for each classroom (R800 x 40 = R32 000).
  • 2 sanitiser dispensers and pump bottles for the school’s entrance (R3200).

PPE pack order form link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=wlNTCO_WsUGsIlG-41Fg2emXgY12WeBMp1mtlEyz6lJURERTUzBLRlc3NEpOS1BKVlE2NFZaRFZDTC4u


Please refer to above PPE pack brochure for further details and prices. Please use the link provided to complete your PPE pack order form, Brainwave will then furnish you with an invoice for payment purposes (courier charges to be calculated based on ordered quantity and location).


Brainwave Careers upholds the following values in everything we do:

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • And excellence in all we do


Early childhood development

  • Ready, Steady, Learn
  • NQF4 ECD accreditation
  • School Readiness evaluationsGrade
  • R CAPS based material development


Primary school

  • Tailored English and Mathematics programmes


High school

  • Free mobile career guidance
  • Psychometric career guidance evaluations
  • Career development based products


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ROCCI (FNB) awards:

Dr Lanette Hattingh

  • Rocci Businesswoman of the Year – 2010 & 2011
  • Rocci Entrepreneurial Awareness – 2012
  • Lady Rocci Community Service Champion – 2012-2016
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Community Service – 2017

Brainwave Careers

  • Rocci Business of the Year (Education) – 2010-2017
  • Rocci community support organization – 2010-2015


All our products are endorsed by the South African Council for Education

All our products are endorsed by the South African Council for Education