Everything you need to know about High School and Career Guidance

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make, and yet within the education system, there is no vocational support for learners choosing their final subjects and/or careers. This weakness in the educational system results in high unnecessary costs for countries and businesses, as well as social discontent and hardship. The drop-out rate for the first year tertiary students stands at 35% of which the lack of self- and career knowledge seems to be the underlying reason. This leads to low morale, disinterest and de-motivation, translating into poor performances and bad service levels. With this in mind, the Discover Your Career(DYC) workbook was designed to respond directly to these concerns. The workbook is a rich source of knowledge and decision-making skills. In terms of knowledge, learners engage in a series of activities through which they discover their interests, their thinking style and their personality type. They then align this self-knowledge to careers that are suitable for their unique self. In this way, learners are guided towards choosing subjects that support their future career choices. This sense of future tends to increase learners’ sense of motivation and purpose and encourages them to engage with their schooling on a more serious level.

Career Guidance Programme
No more expensive, long, boring Psychometric Evaluations!
We offer a fun, interactive and cost-effective tool to Discover Your Career!
Brainwave’s skilled trainers facilitate learners through the Discover Your Career programme. Through this programme the learner will discover the world of work, their interests, thinking styles and personality. They will be guided to the most suitable Career Area for their personal profile.

Benefits of the Program
It is cost effective. The career programme costs much less than conventional standardised testing.

It does not have to be administered and evaluated by a psychologist or Psychometrist. It can be administered and evaluated by an educator/facilitator.
On completion of the programme, each learner keeps the programme material and receives a report summarising his/her unique personal profile and recommended subjects and career fields.

The programme complements the Life Orientation syllabus and can be used as an additional resource in the classroom.

The activities form part of the learner’s assessment portfolio.
The programme empowers learners and help them to set realistic and appropriate goals in terms of career and subject choices.
The material is user-friendly, colourful and interactive.

Value of data
This programme generates a lot of useful data that is available. Analysis of this data has important contributiosn to:

Individual learners
Identify possible bursary candidates.
Identifying learners with learning difficulties.
Identifying specific career candidates such as engineers, artisans or accountants.

Identifying specific literacy and or numeracy problems in schools.
Identifying how many learners choose a certain subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences.
Identifying preferences/thinking styles of learners that has an impact on teaching methods.

Identifying possible bursary candidates.
Additional programmes to develop beneficiaries of bursaries.

Efficient use of social responsibility budget.
Access to data for future use.

Discover Your Career

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